Arunabh Sarkar

Hi! My name is Arunabh and I am a student at Cornell University studying in the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science.

This summer I will be joining Galaxy Digital Partners LLC as a Summer Analyst, conducting quantitative research on decentralized exchanges and generating financial solutions spanning the digital assets ecosystem.

My career and research interests lie in blockchain engineering, tokenomics, and the application of physics to digital asset markets. I am also interested in astrophysics, IR theory, art history, ethnomusicology, and finding answers to difficult questions that pose tricky technical or ethical dilemmas. As an Effective Altruist, I am passionate about contributing to initiatives that make the world a better place.

Ask me about: the ring I wear on my left index finger, the multiverse and string theory, the biggest lesson I learned from coaching and competing in 4 years of international debate, my thoughts on starfish, or how my parents came up with my name!

I am always happy to talk about cool projects and collaborating! Email me to get in contact.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Medium, and GitHub.

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