Arunabh Sarkar

Hi! My name is Arunabh and I am a student at Cornell University studying in the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science.

This summer I will be joining Tribunal Capital LLC as a Quantitative Researcher, developing mid-frequency quantitative knowledge combined with private equity style research results which achieves pure risk managed alpha.

My research interests lie in blockchain, human-computer interaction, and algorithmic economics. I also love finding answers to difficult questions that pose tricky technical or ethical dilemmas. As an Effective Altruist, I am passionate about contributing to initiatives and creating machines that make the world a better place.

Ask me about: the ring I wear on my left index finger, my thoughts on starfish, the time I scared every debate coach in Idaho, why I do not support sentient AI, or how my parents came up with my name!

I am always happy to talk about cool projects and collaborating! Email me to get in contact.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Medium, and GitHub.

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