Arunabh Sarkar

Hi! My name is Arunabh and I am a student at Cornell University studying in the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science.

This summer I will be joining Citi as a Summer Analyst working as an eTrading Risk Analyst in the Wholesale Credit Risk Group.

On campus, I am currently a Research Assistant at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, working under Professor Jura Liaukonyte. My research involves using NLP and computer vision to predict the listing quality of various e-commerce products. You can view the latest update on my research here. I am also a Teaching Assistant in the Bowers College for INFO 2950: Introduction to Data Science where I assist students on topics related to statistical inference and machine learning by holding office hours, providing feedback on problem sets, and leading recitation sections.

Previously, I worked at Galaxy Digital as a Summer Analyst, doing research on various topics in the blockchain ecosystem including, but not limited to, cryptocurrency derivatives, the Ethereum Merge, and the mathematics underlying Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs).

My career and research interests lie at the intersection of applied machine learning, data science, financial services, and monetary policy. I am also interested in decentralized finance, algorithmic trading, IR theory, global politics, DJing, music production, and finding answers to difficult questions that pose tricky technical or ethical dilemmas. As an Effective Altruist, I am passionate about contributing to initiatives that make the world a better place.

Ask me about: the ring I wear on my left index finger, how to get started with pen flipping, what separates a good debater from a great debater, or how my parents came up with my name!

I am always happy to talk about cool projects and collaborating! Email me to get in contact.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Medium, and GitHub.

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