Arunabh’s Projects

Cyclic Arbitrage

In conjunction with Cornell Blockchain, I am developing an abitrage bot to trade on DeFi exchanges. Click here to view our GitHub repository. [10.21]

Pathfinding Simulator

In this application, I used PyGame to implement the unweighted A* Pathfinding algorithm that finds the shortest distance between two given nodes. Click here to view the GitHub repository.

Sorting Algorithm Visualizer

In this program, I used Java Swing to implement three sorting algorithms, running through various time complexities. The visualization of merge, selection and insertion sort displayed runtimes of O(Nlog(N)), O(N2), and O(N2) respectively. Click here to view the GitHub repository.

Online Debate Education

I worked with numerous educators to facilitate online services that provide access to high-level debate rounds on foreign and domestic policy. Topics covered domestic surveillance, global space operations, judicial processes, and international monetary policy. Check out our work here.